Feedback from surveys, and face to face interaction:


Throught my time in the IBC program I decided I wanted to receive feedback from those I worked with very often. I created surveys and asked people questions face to face about my performance at least on a weekly basis.  Receiving this feedback was one of the most important parts of my experience. I was able to learn how to be a better leader, how to motivate people, and how to draw out the strengths of everyone I would work with. 


Plan to change:


Based on some of the feedback I received I needed to change a few things. 

I decided that I would try and back up every decision I made with reasoning from data or past experiences. Just because something made perfect sense in my head didn't mean it made sense to others as well. I needed to show my ideas with data and present in a way to help others understand what I was thinking.


Being the CFO I was working with the data a lot. People would come to me asking for money. I was able to take them throgh some of the data that was relevant and help them decide how big of a budget they actually needed. I was able to approve most budgets after having the people I was working with reevaluate them based on the data. 


Feedback later on:


Others have noticed that i have been trying to make decisions based on data.  And have been grateful for the help I have given them in making their own decisions.  I have gotten positive feedback based on the fact that I wouldn't make decisions for others but would walk them through why I thought it should possibly be different and then let them make their own decisions again.