1. Gain understanding and experience in applying financial information to business decisions.


             -Back up each decision with data.  


             -Keep financial statements up to date.


             -Communicate to other departments key indicators and goals to improve our financial                            position.




             -Gained the trust of the team in my ability to lead and make decisions as I backed up each                      decision with data showing why I thought it was a good decision. 


            -Effectively communicated financial status to the team.


            -Motiated the group by showing growth and setting good goals.




















2. Develop good relationships with others and use the strenghts of those around me to create the best business we could.

-As time went on we quickly learned the strengths each person had. We all were able to organize oursleves in roles that would be beneficial to us and the business as a whole.  I wanted to make sure I used everyone elses skills to help me make decisions and act on them well.


-I didn't want to take every problem that needed to be solved into my own hands but think who would be good at this and take care of the problems with them. 



-We were able to accomplish some amazing things because we used to skills each one of us had. Some had sales skills. Some data analysis skills. and some had creativity to help us change and meet our customers needs in very creative ways.  working as a team and using eachother skills was one of the main reasons we were able to have so much success.